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Bill Hendricks

Field Representative Canada, USA

Chemco/Watkins Sawmills

About Me

bio:  Bill Hendricks started in fire safe roofing in the early 80’s, working in the tile roofing industry.  He was also involved in the “Fire Safe Roof Council”.  In the mid 90’s he went on to work with the Fire Retardant Wood Industry representing Chemco, WESCO, Meeker Cedar and the Cedar Bureau.  In 2001 he started Safer Building Solutions, a product development and marketing company.  Safer Building Solutions was instrumental in the development of Class A Roof Assembly.  He currently represents Fire Smart Roofing,  Chemco,  Watkins Sawmills, and WESCO Cedar.  Bill is a voting member of ASTM and is active on all the SFM Stakeholder Committees, NFPA, and Cal-Chief’s WUI Committees.  He is also a member of California, Washington State, and British Columbia’s Fire Prevention Officers Associations.


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