Chang-Kyu Kim

Chief (Reporter)

Monthly Builder (Magazine)

About Me

Monthly Builder is a monthly magazine specializing in small-scale architecture published in February 2019.

We strive to lead a healthy architectural culture by delivering expertise specialized in small-scale architecture, and it is a comprehensive community magazine for architectural/design/construction/material/supervision/builders.

In cooperation with government academic associations, we are researching and suggesting directions for the growth of the industry, and we are working as a bridge to help the healthy construction market grow by discovering talented and proven structures/designs/construction/materials companies.

In addition, we provide a series of columns of experts in important fields to help architects dream of a good house.

Director Kim Chang-kyu of Monthly Builder is a material expert who has been in the door business for 30 years. We are making a monthly builder based on the abundant experience and knowledge gained through continuous collaboration with design and construction owners working in architecture.


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