David Loo


Forest Wood PTE Ltd.

About Me

FOREST WOOD is a company located in Singapore where we are both stockists and wholesale specialist for many direct end users in the region. We are a company that specializes in building programs – connecting our clients to different sawmills and species from around the world.

Coming from working for a major sawmill in Canada, and working in these markets in S.E. Asia for many years, Forest Wood brings about a value add to both our clients and to the sawmills which we represent.  Not only do we bring about timely and correct information to the clients, we also bring about a good sense on knowledge of product knowledge – both in terms of grades and species. Sawmills from around the world like dealing with us because we add value to their products in the market.  Not only that, we bring about knowing that we need to bring the highest return from the markets whenever possible.

I set up my company – Forest Wood in Singapore and we have been working with many of our partners in the region – Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and etc. We we have our own Sales staff that is on the ground working with end users, in some cases we also have our own warehouses with our partners – specifically in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

Working with the correct team of individuals is not only important for the end users, but it is especially important for the sawmill.


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