Julian Gauthier


MiRA Timber Frame

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As president of Mira Timber Frame my mission is to produce the finest Timber frame components for the residential and commercial markets. Supporting a strong team of experienced craftsmen and architectural engineers is critical to this goal. Mira Timber Frame products are made from high quality timber grown in the northern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Sourcing the right materials is key to a high strength quality product. In addition to timbers, Mira also supplies complete SIP panel components that fit your designs without onsite modifications. Mira Timber Frame has invested in cutting edge CNC milling machines to cut most of our connections. This production process ensures all cut angles match when the assembly is erected. Once the CNC milling is done the components are adjusted to perfection buy our quality driven journeymen. Our goal is to ensure you get a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.


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