Kelly Marciniw

Vice President

Pan-Abode International

About Me

Kelly Marciniw is the Vice President of Pan-Abode International, a Board Member with the BC Log & Timber Builders Industry Association (Energy Committee) and a committee member of the BC Wood Value-Add Wood Sector Labour Project.

She has experience working in manufacturing and construction industries using steel, fibreglass, fabrics and now wood. Kelly has had the opportunity to help build a Pan-Abode that she helped the customer design so can speak directly to designing, hands-on building and achieving a customer’s dream. She is also focused on supporting the evolution of building codes to reduce the overall carbon impact of construction from cradle to grave. Kelly strives to educate prospective home and resort/commercial property owners about the long-term sustainability of solid log construction so they can make educated and informed decisions that benefit both themselves and the planet.


Join Kelly in the WoodTALKS mini-sessions:

  • Pan-Abode International’s Rapid Resorts: Eye-Catching and Durable Pre-Fab Solid Wood Building Systems
  • BCLTBIA’s Energy Modelling and Trade-offs: Achieving Code Compliance for Log and Timber Projects

Join Kelly at Pan-Abode’s booth including to zoom call:



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