Lubor Trubka, Architect AIBC, FRAIC

Principal & Lead Architect

Lubor Trubka Associates Architects

About Me

Lubor has operated Lubor Trubka Associates Architects (LTA) as a local and international practice since 1975 with a specialized focus on large-scale wood and engineered wood structures with contracts in Canada, Europe, India, Japan and Korea. In Canada, predominantly working with First Nation communities. Lubor Trubka Associates has been providing architectural expertise to First Nation communities across the interior and along the coast of BC, on over 70 projects. Lubor’s projects have frequently been recognized for their design excellence, innovation, efficiency and sustainability, resulting in 22 national and international awards to date. Lubor is an enthusiastic advocate of wood construction and healthy, environmentally responsible construction methods and technologies. LTA has developed a notable reputation in the delivery of environmentally and culturally sensitive design of projects, featuring engineered wood products in a multitude of varied applications.


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