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Rauvin Manhas is the President of Pan-Abode International and sits on the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Log & Timber Building Industry Association. Rauvin holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, and over the past 20 years he has been involved in every aspect of the forest sector from harvesting and manufacturing through to sales, marketing and business development.

Representing a younger generation of up-and-coming leaders within the industry, Rauvin understands the importance of sustainability and has embraced the push towards building log homes with exceptional energy efficiency. He strongly believes low carbon is the future of construction, and he is a tireless advocate for the fact that log homes are among the lowest carbon building solutions in the world.

Since joining Pan-Abode in 2014, Rauvin’s work has taken him to log home projects across Canada and the United States along with international destinations such as Japan, Vietnam and the Maldives. He is passionate about quality and is focused on working with new partners and distributors to bring Pan-Abode’s iconic log home packages to customers all around the world.


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