Rutvik Rao



About Me

Being a designer over the years has been an enriching experience in which I had intentional learning goals and objectives with measurable progressive outcomes. I see vast potential for societal improvement as well as my own professional development and I wish to participate and contribute to the various components of Interiors and Design spectrums.

Design Ideology: I aim to create conscious designs centered around human needs and lasting experiences of the embodied presence. The concept of palimpsest, which is to approach a design that echoes classical epochs and art styles interpreted by the designer based on contemporaneity. A dramatic confrontation of two forces brought to the fore: culture and barbarism; an erosion of cultural memories or space experienced by our world whilst investing in its postmodern values. A design philosophy that is likely to turn any space, no matter how banal or dilapidated, into a state-of-the-art location, with a soul to boot. As the client needs are evolving alongside advancements in the design discipline, I hope to further my career in various design disciplines by developing a strong understanding of the ways sustainability and research can foster responsible design decisions. I believe that good design should make an impact on the world small or big, aesthetically or functionally.


Product Sector Interests

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