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Scott Frost


Cedar-Built Greenhouses

About Me

Son of the CEO, Scott has entered into the family business in full force for 4 years now. With a visual arts and structural drafting background, he has been working hard to modernize how our products are produced. He has spearheaded the newly acquired CNC manufacturing of our precision prefab greenhouses, as well as working with shop drawings, assembly instructions and day to day manufacturing operation. As of recent, he is working to expand the company into new markets.

Personally he finds his time fascinated with cars from all over the world, with a specific focus of Japanese sporty Kei cars (the A-B-C), and anything British (Morgan, Berkeley, Lotus, Triumph, etc). Having been to both Japan and England, he wants to return as soon as possible, as he loves their entertainment(shows, movies & games), aesthetics, fashion, and cultural practices.


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