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Sunnland Architects is an architectural and design firm established by father and son team, Warren and Tai Sunnland. Influenced by the vernacular architecture of the Tropics, and its cultures of past and present, our architecture aims to be progressive yet grounded in tradition. Passionate about our craft, each project is nurtured with the highest level of attention. We enjoy creating innovative, inspiring and diverse environments.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Tai is a second generation Architect with over ten years of experience in the design and construction administration of custom single family and multifamily residences. He has also worked on residential projects in various countries in Southeast Asia while living in Singapore. He extensively travels throughout East and Southeast Asia from where his design principles are notably influenced. His favorite architects include Ernesto Bedmar, Kerry Hill, Guz Wilkinson, and Kengo Kuma. With international and local experience, he has developed a keen acumen for high quality tropical and eco-friendly design.


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