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Canmil Solutions is a Toronto based wholesaler and global exporter of North American softwood and hardwood lumber. We supply our customers with a wide range of lumber species and grades to serve industrial and commercial applications. 

We supply softwood and hardwood lumber products in a wide range of species and grades. These can be offered in green, air-dried or kiln-dried form. 

CanMil has partnered with the best sawmills in North America and offers specialty sourcing of hardwood lumber products to match special needs of our customers. We export Maple, Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Beech & Birch amongst other varieties of North American hardwoods. In softwoods, we supply SPF, SYP, WRC, Douglas Fir and Hemlock species. 

We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our products, the reliability of our supply and our superior customer service. Our niche is our sourcing capabilities and our ability to meet our customers unique needs. We ensure three things for our clients – best quality, competitive price and excellent aftermarket support.


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